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Whether a client wishes to be involved in negotiations, or wishes for us to process the entire claim is his or her wish entirely. Further, we can provide manufacturer recommendations on repair processes to ensure that the proper repair is made and negotiated with the insurance company


Definition of terms used

Appraisal clause
A clause in all auto insurance policies that provides a special appraisal procedure
you can use to settle a disagreement between yourself (the insured) and the insurance
company over the amount of loss. This procedure allows both parties to choose an
appraiser to re-evaluate the damages. If the two appraisers don’t agree, a third
party (called the “umpire”) makes the final determination.

Comparative negligence
the amount or percentage of negligence (responsibility or fault) assigned to one
or more of the parties in an accident.

Consumer Response Team (CRT)
Staff at the Department of Commerce, which responds to consumers questions and complaints about insurance matters. CRT staff can help resolve disputes between consumers and insurance companies when necessary.

Set amount the policyholder agrees to pay, per claim or per accident, toward the total
amount of an insured loss. You must pay the deductible amount before the insurance
company pays any benefits.

Department of Commerce
The state department that licenses and regulates insurance companies,
agents and adjusters.

No-fault laws
No-fault coverage only applies to medical costs, wage loss, or other costs related
to injuries sustained in the accident.

Preferred provider
A service provider, such as an automotive repair shop, that has agreed to provide
repairs and administer claims under terms established by an insurance company.

The process by which one insured company seeks reimbursement form another company or individual for a claim it ahs already paid.

An additional charge added to your premium for accumulated traffic violations or accidents. The charge varies from company to company and is typically assessed for a defined periods, such as 36 months from the date of the violation or accident.

Some facts listed were provided by the
Minnesota Department of Commerce

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